The very best part of my job is coming to speak to Mom’s groups, weekend retreats or other venues where a speaker is needed. I would love to meet your speaker needs and get to know your group. Here are a few of the talks that I have written. If you have a different topic or specific need, I welcome the challenge to write and speak about it.

Romance Through The Diaper Changing Years, How to Fuel Passion When There Seems To Be No Time…or Energy  

It’s so hard to meet all the needs of everyone in your family when you are raising young children and often your husband and your relationship with him is at the bottom of your priority list. This is totally normal and utterly dangerous! Christine shares practical ways to revive the romance in your relationship, why it’s important and challenges you to work at falling in love with your husband more every day. So that on that day when it’s just the two of you again, you won’t be strangers.

Life Is Better With Friends

Developing friendships is hard work and takes many risks, yet it is so valuable because you shouldn’t do life alone. Practical ways to reach out to other moms during this busy time in your life and how to go beyond small talk and make deep relationships.

Mommy Wins!

As a mom, I find that if I’m not careful, over time the control I have over my life and our household can be surrendered to the demands of my children. When this happens, I find that my yelling is out of control, my anxiety is off the charts and nothing is going the way it needs to go. Life becomes unbearable and my anxiety and anger are out of control. This does not have to be the way it is simply because you have toddlers, grammar school aged children or even teenagers. Let’s talk about how at the end of the day, Mommy needs to win and why it’s the most loving thing you can insist on.

Be You, Bravely

A talk that was written to complement the 2014-2015 MOPS theme, Be You, Bravely talks about the unique woman God has created you to be and how you can discover who that woman is. This is a wonderfully inspiring time to rediscover that you are valuable and loved and that you have something to offer this world that no one else does.

Discovering Jesus’s Love For You and How To Embrace It

It’s easy for us to believe that Jesus loves our children unconditionally but do we believe that he loves us the same way? God’s word is full of promises and images of a loving God who knows everything about us because he created us but so often it is hard to accept of embrace his love. Together we will talk about why we find it so hard to believe and accept that we, too, are part of God’s unconditional love and how we can live a life that seeks to find peace and rest in the arms of Jesus.

Bible Study Methods, and Why Studying God’s Word Will Bring You Peace

Do you find studying the Bible intimidating, daunting or boring. Is it one of those things that you always mean to get around to…but never do. The Bible doesn’t have to be something you only read at church, in fact, a habit of reading the Bible every day can change your life…you just need to know how to get started.


Christine will also write a talk tailored to your group’s specific interests or needs. Please contact her with your requests.


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