Seeking God Day 5

haldenThere is a hurricane ripping through the ocean near Haiti right now. Ordinarily I wouldn’t take much notice of it except that one of my friends is in the process of adopting two beautiful children from a Haitian orphanage. Gary and Beatrice have been “matched” with my friend’s family however they are still waiting for all the paperwork and legal proceedings to finalize, until then they are not permitted to live as a family. And so Holly and Paul have to watch from the states as this hurricane stampedes toward their children in Haiti. And all they can do is watch and wait and ask all of their friends to pray. One of the most beautiful things I have learned from adoptive parents is that the moment they are told, “this is your child,” that child becomes 100% theirs. Even if thousands of miles separate them or they don’t speak the same language or they’ve never met, they accept and love and fiercely care and worry for that child because he/she is theirs, a part of their family with no questions asked. And, from that moment they are told, “you are matched” a family is created.

I’ve never adopted but I have many friends who have and to watch their devoted love and the process it takes to unite a child with a family is an honor. I’ve seen my friends completely upend their lives for years in order to make an adoption happen. They subject themselves to long hours/weeks/months/ sometimes years of paperwork, endless bills, court appearances, house visits, traveling across the country or the world for weeks at a time all because of their love for a child they haven’t met but they know belongs with them. They seek after this child before the child is even aware of what is happening.

I’ve been thinking about the title of this series, “Seeking God” and yesterday it occurred to me that the only reason we are even allowed to seek God is because he sought us first.

1 John 4:19  We love because he first loved us.

We are loved by the Father and he has been seeking us long before we even knew to seek Him. It’s because of Him seeking us that we are even allowed to know him.

1 John 3:1 How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! Dear friends, now we are children of God!

Just like Gary and Beatrice are 100% Holly and Paul’s children, we are God’s.

Today as you seek God, remember who and whose you are. You are a child of God, a co-heir with Jesus Christ. You are seeking after God who is YOUR father. He loves you 100% and he has provided for you and is preparing for you to come live with Him. Oh, there is so much to celebrate! There is so much to talk about! There is just so much!

Do not let anything steal your joy today! You are a child of God.

Here is a great song that will help you sing this refrain all day.

No Longer Slaves by Jonathan and Melissa Helser

We Will Not Be Shaken Album Bethel Music 


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  • Carol A Decker

    Truly gifted writer you are! What a wonderful perspective. I know the struggle and endless hours and tears have had but full on 100+% love that Joel & Kerri permeate in that family! Thanks for reminding me God has that same kind of love for me – even more completely – even more than I can ask or imagine.

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