Pray for Brussels


Brussels, Belgium has experienced a terrible tragedy today and the rest of the world weeps with her. I just don’t understand.

I’m studying an old book called, Experiencing God, by Henry and Richard Blackaby. This study has taken off in our church community like a wildfire, catching and grabbing groups all over but with no intentional or organized plan. It’s curious to be having a conversation with someone in the halls of our church and mention what you are studying and find out that they too are reading the same book.

Today my study was about Truth.

    “Don’t evaluate your situation until you have heard from  Jesus. He is Truth.”

Oh how hard this is as I watch the coverage of the bombings that just happened today. As I watch my Facebook and Twitter feeds swirl with terrible images and hurt and pain and loss…Lord? Why?

“Never determine the truth of a situation only by looking at the circumstances.”

It’s Holy Week. The week the church remembers the last days Jesus walked this earth. The last days that he was here so that we could touch him and talk to him face to face and eat with him. The last days…

I wonder what the situation looked like to the disciples and followers of Jesus during those days. There was so much violence and pain and betrayal…the truth of the situation looked like all was lost-how could it have looked any different?

That’s how I feel today. There is so much violence, so much pain and betrayal. There is no peace, no security, no love.

Pray for Brussels.

Pray for Truth.

Pray for healing.

Pray for the Holy Spirit to reveal God’s perspective on the circumstances.

I don’t know any answers for today…I only know that while Jesus was dying on the cross all seemed lost…

And then suddenly,

everything changed.

John 14:6 “I am…the truth.”




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