If you are feeling lonely, overwhelmed, confused, scared, burdened,

If you are feeling loved, cared for, thankful or full of joy,

If you are feeling nothing, empty, afraid,

Come to Jesus.

Open your heart.

Open your mouth-literally speak to God and tell him what is on your heart.

Breathe in the Holy Spirit and breath Him out again.

Shake your fists in anger, rage against what is raging against you.

Be overwhelmed by his love and care for you.

Stop and think about what He has given you and start to list it…out loud.

Read the Word, read the Psalms, put your name into the scriptures…

     Psalm 34

(Your Name) sought the Lord and he answered


(your name)

he delivered (your name) from all my fears.


And listen.

Sit in silence and listen.

Empty your mind of all your words…find the quiet and stay there awhile.

Ask the Holy Spirit to fill you today, to show you His love and purpose and goodness.

Breathe in the Holy Spirit and breathe Him out again.

Know that you are heard and loved and cared for.

You are not alone.

Nor will you ever be.

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