A Prayer for Passion


You are the God of beauty, light, sound and color.

You inspire the birds to sing, the flowers to bloom and the sun to shine.

Thank you for surrounding me with such amazing reminders of your daily presence in my life.



Forgive me Lord, for my weariness, my fear, my doubt and my focus on all that I don’t or can’t see.

Restore my heart Lord-

Fill me, wash me, drench me in your joy, your desires, your vision, your energy and excitement.

Give me a heart of flesh so that when I serve you I will be focused on you, and your initiatives, not my comfort or my plans or my wishes.

Create in me a clean heart O God–

Use me I pray, use me Lord to do your work here–

Help me to breathe you in and to exhale you out as a daily rhythm in my life.


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