A box of 24 crayons

brand-new-box-of-24-crayola-crayonsReflections on a Spring Break morning:
There are times in life where happiness can be as simple as 24 crayons and a blank piece of paper. And in those times, life is the simplest and the best. It’s 10 am, we are all still in our pj’s, the coffee is hot and the kids are coloring pictures. Simple pleasures…to look around you might be appalled that I’m not working harder; I have black circles under my eyes because I didn’t take off my eye make up last night, there are toys all over the floor and last nights dinner dishes are still lurking in the sink.And yet, everything about this morning is the best. I’ve even rented a crazy old movie about dial up internet and the birth of email…any guesses? I love this movie!24 colors…what does that mean to you? My 24 colors come in many shapes:
1. A good cheap glass of wine.
2. New PJ’s
3. Sleeping past 6:00am
4. Spicy Doritos
5. A great candle
6. Free Shipping
7. Fresh smelling laundry
8. Moving up on the Bejeweled leader board.
9. Laughing till it hurts with good friends.
10. A lovely thunderstorm
11. A good book
12. A long hot shower
13. Diet Coke
14. Warm socks
15. A good joke on the radio
16. All green lights on LaGrange
17. A good neck crack
18. Long hot shower
19. Tulips popping out of the ground
20. “What’d I get in my Happy Meal?” excitement
21. Dancing in the kitchen
22. Feeling warm air even after the sun goes down.
23. Hugs from teenagers taller than me
24. A good sneeze24 crayons…they change, sometimes they melt and get stuck in the carpet…but I’m glad that life can be reduced to 24 crayons sometimes…sometimes I need life to be that simple!

What are you top 5 simple pleasures? Please add your comment below.


  • Jan Ingram

    1. sleeping in
    2. A good book
    3. Opening all the windows on a warm spring day
    4. That fist cup of coffee in the morning
    5. A clean bathroom (yes, this is a simple pleasure)

  • Christine

    Love them Jan! A clean bathroom? What is that? The first cup of coffee is definitely the best one for sure!

  • Cassie

    1. Listening to an entire album uninterrupted.

    2. A great book I can’t put down.

    3. The first sunny 80 degree day of the year.

    4. Drawing.

    5. When my children randomly hug me and say “I love you Mommy.”

  • Jess

    1. A warm summer rainstorm
    2. A good book
    3. Sleepy baby /kiddo snuggles
    4. Eating alone in my car 🙂
    5. An afternoon nap

    • Christine

      I love kiddo snuggles too and eating alone in the car is a pleasure only a mom would know! 😉 Nothing like a Diet Coke and fries that you don’t have to share!

  • Janice Gora

    1. Eating ice cream
    2. Smelling coffee brewing
    3. Stepping outside in the morning to listen to the birds and just smile.
    4. That first hug from your oldest daughter when she comes in the door coming home for a visit…
    5. Having breakfast with the whole family and sitting back to listen to all the chatter and laughter.


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