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5 reasons life is better with friends

it-takes-a-long-time-to-grow-an-old-friend-quote-1The tagline of this blog is “Life is better with friends.” This is a statement that I wholeheartedly stand behind 100%. There are hundreds of reasons why this is a true and life-giving statement but here are just 5 of them.


  1.  A friend believes in you.  A friend is someone who will wear your dreams on their heart like their own and will never give up the belief that you can succeed. No matter how crazy the plan or how much work it will take a friend will embrace the plan and push you to go for it. They will ask you how things are going, they will feel each bump in your path with you and they will never stop believing that you can do what you’ve set your mind to do. They will have faith in you even when you have lost faith in yourself.
  2. A friend will encourage you.  A friend is someone who will listen to you when things aren’t going your way. A friend will cry with you over a hurt, be mad with you over an injustice, pray with you over a need and be with you when you are alone. When all is said and done, they won’t give up but will dust you off and set you back on your feet again. A friend will push you to get back out there and try again. A friend sees more good in you than you see in yourself and sometimes, that is all you need to take another step.
  3. A friend loves you.  True acceptance is hard to find but a true friend will open their heart to you and love you till it hurts. A friend may disagree with you, a friend may make you mad or even hurt you but in the end love still wins. A friend is a person who is worth the fight and effort it takes to make things right. Love is valuable and precious and sometimes fragile but it is never cheap. A friend will love you even when it hurts.
  4. A friend will laugh…with you, at you and along side of you!  If laughter is the best medicine, a friend is the doctor who administers it. You know you’ve found a friend when you can say, “I laughed till it hurt!” A friend will crack up over a good story, a good bodily function, an embarrassing moment and just because. No one can laugh with you like a friend…so find reasons to laugh! Life is too short.
  5. A friend will keep you honest.  Honest about love, the future, yourself, your actions, your moods. A good friend will take the risk involved to be honest with you and to tell you how it is. When you are being unreasonable, a friend will tell you. When you are being stupid, a friend will tell you. When you are not seeing something correctly, a friend will tell you. Nobody is perfect and friends do need to apologize to each other…and a friend will. Honesty is a true gift, if you find a friend who will give it to you, cherish them.


This is just a short list of why life is better with friends but it is a good beginning. What are some of your reasons? If you don’t have a friend in your life who can be these things to you, take the risk and start being these things to other people. The old cliche’ “It takes a friend to be a friend” is true. No better time to start than today.