Monthly Archives: March 2015

Fits and starts


with irregular movement; with much stopping and starting. (*Typically: by ~; in ~; with ~.) Somehow, they got the job donein fits and starts. By fits and starts, the old car finally got us to town.

My life feels like a series of “fits and starts,” and really it always has been. I’m the type of person who loves to dream, loves to imagine, “what if?” I can inspire groups of people to get excited and to join me on a journey, an adventure, an exploration but heaven help us all if I haven’t invited a tour guide with us because I’m also easily distracted or discouraged. It doesn’t take much to push me off of a path. I don’t stay down for long…just long enough. Fits and starts.

I love this definition of “fits and starts” from the idioms dictionary because it isn’t condemning at all. It simply states the fact that the job is being done and will get done but that it will take awhile. The movement may be irregular but it’s movement none the less and there may be stopping but there is also starting; a constant state of new beginnings.

It’scrocus the end of March here in Chicago and I’ve been watching the spring bulbs do their best to grow up out of the frozen ground. One day it will be 55 and sunny, the stems will pop through the ground and start to make their way out of the frozen state they’ve been in all winter. It’s truly exciting. People tweet about it, my Facebook feed is jammed with posts about it…everyone is thrilled. But in Chicago the weather is hardly predictable in March and the very next day we can wake up to below freezing temps and snow covering the ground once again. On those days, the spring bulbs don’t go back into the ground and give up, rather they stay where they are, weathering the storm, waiting for the time that they can start to grow again. They don’t give up, they stay the course, even if the course just got a whole lot longer and the wait has been extended. Eventually, the warm weather will come and the bulbs will flower, you can be sure of it. You may even be able to guess about when it will happen but no one knows for sure.

Sometimes when you live a life of “fits and starts” it feels like you will never get there. The finish line feels as if it will never come, the dream will never materialize or the waiting will never be over…but be sure of this…it’s just a season. Don’t give up.

I want you to hear this…but honestly, I need to hear this too.

Don’t give up.

It’s just a season.

In January I promised to bring you on a new journey…soon my friends, soon. #atrustworthysaying #lifeisajourney