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What is a trustworthy saying?

“Here is a trustworthy saying that deserves full acceptance…”

Some of my favorite passages in the Bible are contained in 1st and 2nd Timothy, two small books located near the end of the Bible. The author of these books is the famous Apostle Paul and he is writing his last words of wisdom, advice and encouragement to his young protege Timothy. At the time Paul is writing these words, he is in prison and knows that his execution is imminent. These are the words of a dying man to his “son;” words that seek to remind Timothy of what is important, encourage him in his ministry and compel him to be a godly leader and example.┬áTime and time again Paul uses this phrase, “Here is a trustworthy saying that deserves full acceptance…” and then goes on to instruct Timothy about some important lesson he hopes Timothy will learn and put into practice or remember. This is a beautiful picture of friendship, mentoring and having a trusted companion through life’s ups and downs.

We all find ourselves in one or both of these roles, the mentor and the mentored. Many different things can place us on one side of this equation or the other, age, experience, relationships or circumstances and no matter which side of the equation you are on there is one thing you can be certain of; you have something to teach others and there is something you can learn from others.

Here at ATrustworthySaying that is what we will do…learn about life from each other. We will take the time to think deeply about the things that life is challenging us with and see if together we can find a common thread. We will seek to find the “sayings” in life that are trustworthy and celebrate them together.

This is an adventure into discovering how and why we think and feel about the world around us. Why we act the way we do, why our spouses are sometimes so foreign to us, what makes parenting so difficult and how we can not just survive it all but actively seek joy throughout our journey.

So welcome! I can’t wait to get started!